Your energy healer with miraculous hands in Bram


Spiritual accompaniment : L'être profond in Aude  

Within the structure of « The Inner being », Karine - with a healing gift and a 25 years experience in the field of esoterisum, nurse qualified, welcomes you in an holistic approach, as an energy healer (Reiki master level) and a spiritual advisor, whatever your queries may be; physical, psychological or spiritual.

She accompanies her work with lithotherapy (gems stones) and aroma therapy (essentials oil).

benefits from your energy healer in Aude

A helping relationship

Relaxation and well being

Stress and anxiety management

Self development work

Energy rebalancing (possible through imposition by hands upon the “aura” electromagnetic field and reading the energy knots )

Past lives vision if necessary can occur

Looking at the goal of life (soul's aim)

Karmic astrology can confirm energy knots and find solution (evolution astrology)

Cleaning of places and persons.

It may occur that some places present energy unbalance due to telluric, electromagnetic, hydraulic causes, and even undesirable presences.

Some objects too may be charged negatively due to their history or people to whom they have belonged.

As well, persons may present unexplainable symptoms due to mischievousness (negative thoughts) .

My role, thanks to my medium power and extrasensory perceptions, is to clean them in order to set them neutral. 

Distant work possible through photo